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Opt for Wedgie-Free Undies?

Size Does Matter!

All of us have one BUTT only, however, while choosing underwear we have so many BUTs!

🙋‍♀:My hip is 95cm, what size should I be in women's briefs?
👩:I’d recommend choosing L.
🙋‍♀:Well, get me an XL.
🙋‍♀:I prefer a bit loose. Tight underwear makes my butt just like a BIG SMILE…cheeks go up!
👱‍♀:BUT tight underwear could prevent constant wedgies, right?
🙋‍♀:BUT too tight underwear will cause skin bulges around my hips, even I’m an ultra-slender woman.
👱‍♀:BUT baggy underwear….has more materials which can get stuck in places it shouldn’t.

【Wear Fitted & No-Wear Underwear】

The feeling of fit is as perfect as “skin to skin” like the child snuggled close to his/her mother. Even, we may call it “just like No-Wear”.


Pure55 pH Balancing Underwear is made of Pure Ingredients:TENCEL™ 50%, Nylon 37%, Spandex 7%, and Acrylate 6%, which free your butt from uncomfortable and embarrassing wedgies.


✅No Sagging   ✅No Binding   ✅No Sliding   ✅No Sweat  ✅No Itching   ✅No Smell   ✅No Fading

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