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Best Quick-Drying Underwear! 

⭐24/7 Keep butts Dry. 

⭐Take 4-5 hours to get completely dry. 

Best Easy-Cleaning Underwear! 

❤Easy Cleaning without any detergent!

❤Carry just 2 pairs of Pure5.5 for any trip! 

Best Odor-Eliminating Underwear! 

❤Keep the vagina healthy.

No more fishy smell 24/7! Try it on!

Best Super-Stretchy Underwear! 

Hold shape for a long time

❤Elastic fibers give it Longevity & Durability!

Best Shape-Retaining Underwear! 

❤Made of high-quality covering yarn and twisting techniques.

❤Provide Longevity, Durability and always keep its shape.

Best No-Fading Underwear! 

Grade 4 Colorfastness which essentially makes them fit for Kings.

No Fading! No Harm!


You are like cherries often hidden in delicious baked treats and offer sensual bursts of flavoury delight. A Gentle Treatment Is what you can give and eager for!


Just like Pure5.5, it contains no antibacterial agents that may be harmful to your skin. It rather adopts a new generation of Japanese textile technology by TENCEL™ to maintain sub-acidity for 24-hours and to create an environment that is friendly for healthy bacteria. And help to get rid of the most offensive and embarrassing odors.


You are not just the sweetest, but also the strongest! You have killer manners and are always polite. Being deeply loved by yourself gives you strength and courage. After that, you are strong and tender enough to embrace the whole world.


Just like Pure5.5, made of 45-count & high-density interweaved TENCEL™ fiber and rayon, makes it long-lasting, elastic & durable. Strong willing to protect your private skin with tender touching.

Live a Little!

Live a little!” you’ve said that to your friends more than a few times. You don’t mind living life on the edge and taking chances. It's all in or it's all out. So get ready to dance!


Life is short, so why do you spend so much time on washing underwear and removing the discharges?


Pure 5.5 uses yarn with long fibers that create a compact and dense surface. Stains don’t stand a chance and odor is a thing of the past. Pure5.5 applies high-count yarns present good humidity release and air permeability. This has the benefits of granting immense breathability and preventing stains from getting absorbed by the underwear. All this, in turn, makes underwear easy to wash and quick dry.


Further, you do not necessarily have to use detergent to wash the underwear. So just make use of clean water and hang it to dry directly. After this, it usually takes less than 4-5 hours to get completely dry.


You are a colorful, creative, idealistic risk-taker who rely more on intuition than logic. From your eyes, all the suffering is God's blessing in disguise.


Pure5.5 's Tencel™ fibers are grown of botanic origin, there is no toxic waste during production and has been awarded the Europe environmental protection prize!


We are picky about the material to make Pure5.5, your Best and Safest Choice! Enjoy a Carefree life.


You are compatible with one another. Just like the mint is always mixing itself up with any food and taste good.


Pure5.5 perfectly embraces the most sensitive skin of your body by long fiber woven into 40-count yarn, features Wedgie-Freeno matter you are in the walk, exercise, or pregnancy.

Stay COOl!

You never let other people and this world disrupt your inner peace. Even they are gonna attack you and rattle/shake you from time to time. You are like the water – “ the same calm water it was before it got shook up.”


Same as Pure5.5, it uses acrylate featuring the active humidity-regulating property, can adapt to changes in the climate.


Whether it’s your personal life or your work life, you are patient to seed the fields and mature to wait for any kind of result.


Just like Pure5.5, it takes a longer time for production but performs more durable and dyes evenly


The perfect summer treat, your personality is bursting with flavor and always willing to lighten up the party.


aPure, the brand from Taiwan, a place with a well natural ecological balance. We are already here for 16 years with our customers.


aPure sought to offer the best, the trend, and the whole-hearted products to solve the world's problem and bring people a Pure life.


You and Superwoman are the same person.


The only difference is that you sometimes get tired or sad. But, Superwoman is never tired or sad and she's never scared.


Pure5.5  is your Superwoman offers 6-in-1 Multi-Function to treat you well and literally: Keep Skin pH Balanced, Easy Clean, Quick Dry, Smell Fresh, Extra Comfy, Super Stretchy. Further, Pure5.5 is as wholehearted as your besties who never betray you. 


Cotton is a force of nature. Candy is a weapon of human. You are a combination of the carrot and the stick to negotiate with the world and make it peaceful and vibrant.


Pure5.5 comes in 7 collections with 31 vibrant colors, dyes evenly with Grade 4 colorfastness which essentially makes them fit for Kings. 

Pure & Real Stuff!

You wear nice things and go to up-scale restaurants. However, you are much richer in your spirit. You like to be pampered by the one who knows you very well.


Pure 5.5, made of Pure Ingredients: 
TENCEL™ 50%, Nylon 37%, Spandex 7%, and Acrylate 6%.


Pure5.5 is designed for whoever concerns physical health. 

Never Compromise!

"Compromise is another word for mediocrity" is your motto. Compromise is all too often about accepting an outcome that has lower standards than you want to countenance. Oh No! It's not your way.


Purity in Life Should Never be Compromised!


aPure sought to create a pure, simple, and effective solution. Although it needs meticulous attention in the form of time and effort, that does not mean you can't work with a pure balance.


So, we resolved to only creating underwear that easily balances the body's pH level by using breathability and durability, like they were meant to be used. The result of all these guidelines is Pure5.5.


5 BIG No's:
No Harm. No Fading, No Smell, No Itching, No Discharge.