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We are in the age of rapid change though, there’s always something activate your memory on a silent or chilled night.

I recall my childhood, Father holding my hands to the night market for dinner, Mother’s favorite cuisine made with traditional recipe, and the scene of the very first time I called “Her”.

As time goes by, the streets and the people change, but the temperature of feHot remains. The good memories accumulate warmth, the more we have, the warmer our hearts can be. Let’s take the time machine, back to the ages of our innocent youth! 

The night market is always noisy but energetic and cheerful. There are great savory Bao (steamed bun), Ribs Soups with delightful smell and Father’s favorites Ding-Bian-Cuo.

I was not so sure if that thin pieces made by rice were delicious and what made Father regularly comes back every week. Then I found it was not the taste but the memory.

By slowly drinking the soups of Ding-Bian-Cuo with Father, I taste the sweetness and Father’s life.

Father’s every step is never easy. He witnessed a replacement of low-rise houses in the form of high-rise high-density buildings and commercial development in the district I grow up, Dadaocheng.

Over 50 years has passed, I would like Father to keep moving forward with comfortable and easy steps.

feHot thermal Socks U-heel Design is a perfectly cover, Dynamic Stretch Ribs Design increases the strength and the flexibility, lessen pain and swelling in his feet. Not only makes him comfortable but also eases the vibration while walking. 

Mother is a strong and persistent person, no matter to her family or to the rice pudding.

The eatery selling rice pudding in the neighborhood of my home has run for decades, and has many regular customers like Mother. I walked with Mother to the eatery and asked her: Why don’t you want to try another eatery? Is it because of the taste?

 “No, I just want to have a chat with someone familiar. Unlike the phone, it feels better when we talk face to face.” She Said.

feHot also insists to transfer the real warmth to the world. With 5 rigorous stages and selected material fibers, feHot actively absorb the water evaporating through skin and transfer it to heat.

Special weaving methods and unique air-flow design are applied, Mother can call at every neighbor’s place with this dry and comfy outfit. feHot thermal socks and heat generating clothes. 

The very first time I met her on the street; it's still vivid in my memory.
She was choosing the cloth, she took my breathe away in just one second. 

Finally I got up my courage to call her, her Army Officer Dad picked up the phone and really freaked me out, but soon her sweet and cute laughter eased me.

We went to a movie and that was our first date. I knew we were meant for each other at that time, now we are perfect couple.

Each person is unique yarn, when one mix and blend with another, there will be chemistry between  2 persons and it creates a whole new fabric.  

feHot adopts deodorant yarn that can deodorize the smell caused by sweat or skin metabolism just like your soul mate can always relieve you of the stress or petty tasks; sweat-wicking yarns with tiny grooves that can fast absorb and release perspiration like you and your partner can always discuss and get through any conflicts.

In the mean time, you give each other flexible space, as feHot thermal socks contains Spandex elastic fiber; the cuff is not easily loosened but has good elasticity to adapt to any leg size without itchiness. Non-compression toe protector design protects your toes with proper strength. 

Mental toughness made Father what he is. 

One’s thought works vertically and horizontally, like the network of feHot fabrics, apply the anti-deformation “S-twist + Z-twist alternates weaving” so harsh twisting and pulling will not alter the integrity of the cloth, no deformation will occur, the surface will be elastic and stretchy.

Import weak acid Acrylate fibers from TOYOBO, which perform active heat generating and moisture adjusting, keep your skin in the best condition, no itching no irritating, warm and hydrated.

Mixed and Blended Acrylate fibers and TENCEL™ branded fibers gently touch the skin and get you rid of the smell and dirt from the air. 

feHot is made with Eco-friendly materials TENCEL™ branded fibers which is biodegradable. It is smooth as silk with twice the softness of cotton, laying gently on the body with no itchy sensation.

The natural anti-wrinkle property gives feHot clothing a low shrinkage rate preventing the stiffness seen in cotton yarn clothing. All feHot clothing retains its characteristics through heavy washing.

Put on a cloth contains Spandex, you can feel free to extend your adventure of life!

feHot stands the test of time. High Grade of colorfastness on 4 means we passed the tests under the influence of external factors like friction, washing, rain, sun exposure, etc.

Perform great breathability, keep the warmth and leave the surplus.


(1)  Do not Overwash. Doing so can destroy the fiber structure. The action principle of the aPure product comes from the fiber itself, so overwashing and pulling to dry may cause ruptured fibers and decrease in function.


(2)  Go for Cold Water: It’s an Eco-friendly choice that can save money on your energy bill. Use it for the light and soft fabric to prevent shrinking.


(3)  We recommend using a neutral detergent. Detergents usually contain a strong base agent that dilutes when mixed with water.


(4)  Do not soak or allow to lie in a heavy-base detergent such as fabric softener or bleach. These detergents have powerful chemical properties that can often damage clothing. Additionally, these agents may leave residue that prevents the fiber’s characteristics and harms the clothing material or the wearer.


(5)  After washing, we recommend laying underwear flat to avoid the weight of the water from pulling the fabrics and causing deformation.



A:feHot 發熱衣,染整過程全程都通過歐盟ECO label的台灣染整廠,有非常嚴格的色牢度標準,出廠之前也都經過水洗處理。






 Q:買錯尺寸了怎麼辦? 可以退換嗎?


 A:feHot 發熱衣,為了確保每一個消費者都能買的安心,穿的健康!建議您在購買前仔細挑選尺寸與顏色,以免發生爭議。除非是有瑕疵品的情形我們將無條件退換,如果使用無效,我們也不需要您退貨,直接退費給您


 Q:除了網路之外,我還可以在哪裡買到呢? 海外能夠購買嗎?





☑  We Present The Ideal Combination of Fashion and Function.


☑  We gain Public Praise from customers, with a Repurchase Rate of up to 82%.


☑  We offer Highest Quality, with Various Color and Style Options.


☑  The products have Perpetual Function, Maintained through multiple washes.


☑  The Materials Pass the Tests of International Certification Agencies.


☑  The production process is Strictly Controlled, Guaranteed to be Free of Fluorescent Agents and stimulating Chemical Additives.


☑  The products Leave No Smell, No Stains, No Bother, No Harm and No Pollution.


☑  For any questions about the product, our Customer Service will be HERE for you.